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Novel Student

We appreciate that taking the time to look after your own wellness can mean different things to everyone. For some, taking trips to the salon to indulge in some well deserved ‘me-time’ can have a hugely positive impact on their well-being. Yet, with the salons being shut for a large chunk of 2020/2021, more people everywhere have had to turn to Google to help them get their beauty fixes.

That’s why we reached out to a selection of hair and beauty influencers after discovering the top beauty queries using search data (SEMRush). We hope this helps to prevent any major beauty mishaps – thank us later!

  •  - Novel Student
    How to cut men’s hair
  • Tip by

    • When it starts touching your ears, just focus on trimming the sides and back.
    • Section off the crown of the head with clips.
    • To avoid clipping too much, use the longest clipper attachment.
    • Start trimming from the nape of the neck moving up to the hairline.
    • Once you have an idea how short you might want the sides and back, you can use a shorter attachment to get the look you want.
    • Style the top with product!
  •  - Novel Student
    How to get glowing skin
  • Tip by Facials By Pearl.

    • Make a simple homemade mask to brighten your skin.
    • A good home enzyme is to blend a ripe papaya with apple and apply to skin for 5-10 minutes.
    • Apples have an ingredient called Malic acid.
    • This will soften and brighten your skin without causing inflammation.
  •  - Novel Student
    How to get rid of spots
  • Tip by Beauty Blogger Hayley Hall

    • Establish a great cleansing routine.
    • Cleansing thoroughly with a good quality oil or balm at the end of the day
    • Ditch the face wipes and micellar waters!
    • There’s little point applying skincare or more makeup over a dirty surface because you’ve not removed yesterday’s build up effectively!
  •  - Novel Student
    How to pluck eyebrows
  • Tip by Boom Boom Eyebrow Bar

    • There has to be enough hair to work with, more hair provides added options for better length, width, and arch shape.
    • Use a white eyeliner to map out where brows should be. Do not make them too far apart in the center – brows should start at the inside corner of the eye.
    • Identify where the arch is and make sure to not over tweeze on the brow bone, it should be a straight line.
    • Begin tweezing anything under and around the outline with clean sharp tweezers.
    • Remove the liner and there should be a clean line that is not over-tweezed. If not, fill in with a brow powder.
  •  - Novel Student
    How to cut your own hair
  • Tip by

    • Ponytail cut – Make it easy on yourself. For straight or wavy hair, make a ponytail where the hair band sits at the length you want to achieve and cut right across it, under the band.
    • Hold the ponytail up if you want layers.
    • Stretch it down the back if you want it cut bluntly.
    • Curls – If you have curly hair, you can give your curls more bounce and volume by cutting each lock individually and on a slant. Do this on curls that are fully dry.
  •  - Novel Student
    How to remove gel nails
  • Tip by Beauty Blogger and Skincare Specialist Laura Law

    • Sand away the shiny topcoat with a nail file.
    • Soak cotton wool squares in acetone and give them a squeeze to remove any excess product.
    • Pop one of the cotton wool squares directly onto the nail and then secure in place with a piece of foil.
    • Leave the acetone to work its magic for 5-10 mins before removing the foil and cotton wool compress and scratching the gel off with your thumb nail.
    • Lightly buff the nail with a fine-grained buffer.