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Novel Student

Summer Stays

Looking for summer accommodation? We’ve got the perfect summer stay for you, with beds available in properties across Sheffield, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham and Canterbury.

There could be a number of reasons you may need accommodation this Summer…


Perhaps you are new to Novel Student, but you need to arrive ahead of the start of the academic year. You may be required to take a language, summer or pre-sessional course, and need an apartment in your University City whilst you study over the Summer.

You may be an Existing Resident, looking to extend your stay a little longer. And why wouldn’t you, your University City has become your home, who says that has to end just because the academic year has.

Whatever your need we have an apartment to suit you. Simply fill our this form and we will be in touch to match you with your Summer Stay.


Or you can browse the rooms available for summer tenancies here.

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