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We want the Novel community to be a place of fun, a space to unwind with friends and an escape from the stress of exams and deadlines. This sense of community is supported by our amenity spaces, including our “no study zones”. Each property is unique, with different spaces to relax. To find out about the amenities available in your Novel Student building make sure to contact a member of your property team.


Choose your fun

Dry bars – avoid the hustle of going out and enjoy your own private dry bar area, a great place to socialise and make friends. Knock on your neighbour’s door and invite them for a drink, or have a nightcap with your flatmates after dinner. These areas are designed to mirror a high-end bar, with sleek furnishings and booth seating.

Cinemas – make yourself at home and get set for a movie night with our surround system and TV merging you into virtual reality. Our buildings are equipped with Smart TVs throughout, providing the perfect setting for a movie night in. Some Novel buildings even have their own dedicated cinema rooms, with cosy and comfortable seating providing the perfect cinema experience under your own roof.

Digital gaming rooms – kitted with all the latest consoles and games at most Novel residences, get comfortable and enjoy some time out from the stressors of university. These rooms host games suitable for a range of moods, whether you are looking to settle in for a serious game of Fortnite, or dabble in a competitive game of Mario Kart.

Something for everyone

Outdoor courtyards and rooftop terraces – our buildings have a selection of private outdoor spaces for you to enjoy, cook up a culinary masterpiece in one of our outdoor pizza ovens. What better way to enjoy your chosen city, from a sky high view from your new home. Our rooftop terraces feature dry bars, lounge seating, pool tables, outdoor BBQ and dining and even big screens. Providing the perfect backdrop for your Friday, Saturday, or even Monday night. It’s your space, use it as you want.

Karaoke Rooms – sing your heart out, a great place to have some fun and let go. Proven (scientifically and from our own personal research) to be an ideal stress reliever, karaoke is the perfect way to let loose. Whether you are hiding the signing voice of Whitney Houston, or less blessed in the vocal chords department, our Karaoke Rooms will be sure to have you belting out a tune. With stylish karaoke booths featuring comfortable plush seating, you will struggle to give up the mic.

Library and lounges – a quiet zone to focus on you and have some time out. Having the ability to unwind and reset is important, especially when dealing with the pressures of university life. At Novel, we have designed dedicated quiet lounges and areas, places to pause and recharge. You can tailor these rooms to your own needs.

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Evoke new interests
and lifelong hobbies

Private Dining – with our exclusive private dining rooms in our Novel Student residences, we provide you with the perfect venue to host dinners with friends and show off your Michelin star-worthy meals. Whether it's a cozy dinner party or a group cooking session, these spaces are yours to enjoy. Cook up delicious meals while creating memories to last a lifetime with your friends in the comfort of our stylishly designed private dining rooms.

At the heart of our Novel communities is our frequent events calendar, aiming to create great memories and evoke new interests or lifelong hobbies. We support individuality and as such we have a varied social calendar which covers every interest, from Masterchef team challenges and insightful talks by inspiring guest speakers, to trips to Bicester Village and Disco Yoga. By providing opportunities to take part in a variety of activities we provide each resident with the opportunity to spend their free time exactly the way that they want to.