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Novel Student

Flexible Booking Policy

If your circumstances change and you need to adapt your booking, then the following will apply…


Closer to your move-in date, if your circumstances change due one of the below reasons, and you have not yet moved into your new home, we offer the following flexibility:

If your face-to-face teaching is delayed or course start date is postponed – we will adjust your start date at no additional cost.

Travel restrictions in the UK or your home country prevent you from travelling to the UK – depending on circumstances we will either adjust your start date or cancel your booking.

Your course is no longer running – we will cancel your booking at your request.

Evidence of travel restrictions, course changes, or official correspondence from the university will be required where applicable.


No Place, No Pay

If your university offer is withdrawn due to:

  1. Not receiving the required entry grades or,
  2. You have exceeded your expected grades and chosen to study in another city as a result

Then you may cancel your booking with a) copy of a written rejection letter from your university or b) proof of acceptance of your new University by UCAS adjustment.

Novel Student must be notified of your request to cancel within 7 days from your results being published.


No Visa, No Pay

If your place at the University is withdrawn, because of your VISA rejection you are permitted to cancel your booking with a copy of the relevant VISA rejection correspondence AND a written rejection notice from your University.

Novel Student must be notified of your request to cancel within 7 days from the date you receive your relevant VISA rejection correspondence.