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Welcome to Birmingham

Birmingham might be the second-largest city in the UK, but when it comes to atmosphere and cultural scene, it’s second to none.

With its thriving city centre and large student population, this exciting city is the perfect place to study if you’re looking for adventure and diversity.

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Our student accommodation in Birmingham offers the perfect place from which to venture out and see all there is to offer in the exciting city of the Peaky Blinders and Brummies!

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Student apartments available in Birmingham

Our student housing in Birmingham boasts various impressive amenity spaces, such as study booth seating, a games area, a flexible workout studio that converts into a cinema, and a TV nook.

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You can also choose how you prefer to live in our student accommodation in Birmingham. If you’re looking to make friends and share your university experience, then you can opt to share an apartment in one of our student flats.

Alternatively, you can secure your own private apartment, to serve as a retreat after a long day of studying and exploring the city.

Whatever your needs and preferences, with us you’re sure to find the perfect student accommodation in Birmingham to guarantee a great student experience.

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Student life in Birmingham

Birmingham offers loads to discover.

Just step outside of your Altura student accommodation in Birmingham and you’ll see that the city is absolutely brimming with culture, history, nightlife, attractions, bars, restaurants, monuments, and museums.

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Explore all there is to offer, make new memories, perhaps even visit some of the surrounding iconic British cities by taking advantage of the well-connected public transport networks situated not far from Altura student accommodation in Birmingham.

You’ll never be short of things to do. And at the end of each day you’ll arrive at your Novel student housing in Birmingham with a phone full of new pictures and memories, and eager to repeat it all over again the next day!

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Universities in Birmingham

Birmingham is home to some of the most popular and well-renowned universities in the UK.

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Thanks to the presence of the University of Birmingham and Birmingham City University, this place is packed with a young, vibrant student population.

What’s more, the campuses are not far from our Altura student housing in Birmingham, which makes everyday life that much easier.

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With its large student population, the UK’s second city of course caters to all kinds of leisure preferences.

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There’s something for everyone when you stay at our student flats in Birmingham. Whether it be restaurants or bars to have a chilled catch up with friends after a long day studying, or taking a stroll by the canals on a sunny day, or letting loose on a big night out.

Here the extensive nightlife is impressive, and is located within walking distance of our Altura student accommodation in Birmingham.

That makes your nights out that much easier and more enjoyable, as you’ll never have to worry about getting home to your student housing in Birmingham!

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