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Novel Student

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Novel Student

What We Offer at Novel

5 March 2021

Looking for somewhere to stay whilst studying at University? Look no further, Novel Student has everything you could want and more! Also, if you book your brand-new student room before the 31st May, you can cancel your booking for FREE!


We are not your standard student accommodation provider; we are going above and beyond to ensure your university experience brings out the best of you – as Foo Fighters would say.


Find out everything you need to know above Novel Student right here, including our free cancellation policy, free grab and go breakfast, fun zones, wellness facilities, dedicated on-site team and more!

I am looking to secure my accommodation for next year, but worried about my circumstances changing – if I need to cancel my booking is there really no penalty charge?

Absolutely! If you book your brand-new student room with Novel you can cancel your booking before 31st May 2021 with no penalty charge and a full refund.

What about up until move in, how will I be covered if my circumstances change?

No problem, we have got you covered right until move in if…

There is a delay to face to face teaching/ your start date is postponed, then we can delay your booking to match your start date. Or if restrictions prevent you from travelling to the UK, then we can delay or cancel your booking. You can read more about our cancellation policy here:

So, Why is Novel different?

We are a new provider of student accommodation and we have a different way of doing things! Led by the understanding that these next university years can be truly character-defining, we are building spaces where  you can grow and evolve.

With an experience where service, design, community and wellbeing take priority, we are creating spaces where you can feel at home and be yourself, with no added stress.

From incredible wellness facilities to excellent service, including access to personal trainers and in-apartment washer-dryers, Novel Student has been designed with one thing in mind – to create communities of healthier, happier students!

Did you say in apartment washer-dryers? Wait, so you’re telling me no more communal laundry?

Yep, your ears weren’t deceiving you, staying with Novel Student means no more queuing for laundry and no additional payments for washing!

If you opt to book an En-Suite apartment with us, you can find your washer and dryer in your shared living area and if you book a studio room, you can find your own washer-dryer in your room – yes, it’s all yours!

Our washer-dryers are free of charge, which when tallied up equates to a whooping £50 a month saving – based on just 2 x washes and 2 x dry’s a week (£3.10 for a wash and £2.70 for a dry.)

Is it true, do I get free weekday breakfast and bottomless coffee?

This is not a rumour; it’s true! We know how important it is to get your coffee fix and fuel for the day (we can’t let you go hungry!), so that’s why we offer free weekday grab and go breakfast, Monday to Friday, in addition to coffee available 24/7. And yes, it’s all included in your rent – winning!

Do you have on-site gyms?

Yes, we have on-site gyms which are filled with the latest techno equipment (we aren’t messing around with a few weights here and there!). You can find running machines, bikes, free weights and much more at Novel.

We also run fitness classes, personal training sessions and well-being events to ensure you are always looking after yourself!

PS – our staff are trained in mental health too.

What about bikes, can we rent them from Novel?

Yes, our bikes are free to hire to help you get around your City plus, we may be slightly biased, but we think they are one of the most stylish ways to get around the City. We also have secure bike storage if you plan to bring your own.

What other amenity spaces do you have, surely you don’t have dual-gaming rooms?

We have a wide variety of spaces for you to enjoy! From dry bars to rooftop terraces and dual gaming to glam rooms, we have plenty of focus and fun zones which will give you a perfect study-life balance.

PS – you can book out any of our private dining areas, private study rooms and karaoke rooms!

Each Novel Student property is unique in it’s own way, so make sure you check out our property pages to find out what’s on offer at your Novel Student home.


What room types do you have?

We have a selection of studios available ranging from Standard to Exec , with the exact room types available varying depending on the Novel Student building you are interested in, – with these rooms being perfect for those who want a bit more privacy.

Alternatively, if you want to live with an existing group, or be placed with some new friends, we have a bundle of en-suite apartments ranging from 3 to 9-bedroom clusters. Explore our room types here.

What’s typically included in my room… and do you really have trash chutes -aye?!

Good question, typically, all our rooms include dimmable lights, a spacious desk with comfortable seating, bedside table or shelving, comfortable hypnos mattress, under the bed storage and a large wardrobe with a full-length mirror.

Trash chutes – yep, these can be found in our Glasgow and Sheffield properties, an easy and quick way to get rid of any smelly rubbish. You can find trash chutes in your communal corridors.


I have seen studio rooms are more expensive – what’s included?

Our studio rooms also feature a fully fitted private kitchenette including a full height fridge, oven, hob, microwave, washer- dryer and dishwasher.  Plus, all studio rooms feature their own Smart TV.

Our studios come in a range of sizes all with different features including a sofa and dining table and chairs – please check our property pages to find out exactly what is in your new Novel studio!

Okay, so if I book an en-suite what’s in my shared, living and kitchen area?

In your shared living area, you can find a spacious lounge, featuring a fully fitted kitchen, washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher, smart TV, sofa, dining table with chairs, toaster, hoover, blender and kettle. Also, these kitchens benefit from a free weekly clean, helping you to keep your shared kitchens fresh, and to avoid any flatmate cleaning confrontations!


Bills, what about them?

So, at Novel all household bills are covered including high speed 100mb Wi-Fi, gas, electricity, water and contents insurance – saving you a whopping £150 per month!

What about weekly events?

Yep, part of the package at Novel Student. We will be running a variety of regular events for you to get involved in, from yoga, motivational talks from inspiring individuals and bake offs, we are sure to have something fun to suit you and your interests. We understand that your downtime is precious, and we want to make sure you can spend it exactly as you want!


Is Novel safe?

Absolutely, there is nothing more important than feeling safe, secure and at home with us. We have a dedicated on-site team who work around the clock, CCTV cameras and a digital entry system which means you have control over who you let in the building (a great way to dismiss any unwanted visitors!).

Okay, so hopefully the above helped! If not, just get in contact with us or follow the FAQ link below which will hopefully answer any of your outstanding questions!


PS – we also have new buildings launch next year, so if we are not in your student City yet, don’t worry we are coming soon!

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