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Top Underrated Career Advice for University Students

12 November 2021

While studying your chosen subject field at university, you should also be thinking about your career goals and how to achieve them. 

Along with your degree, you should be able to leave university with a skill set that will prepare you for the workplace. 

Here we have some of the most underrated career advice to help you get a head start in your future career.


Utilise your universities careers service

Most universities will have their own career service. Use this service throughout your time at university, rather than just before you head for graduation. 

The careers service can help you decide on a career and help map out how to get there. Even helping with the practical side of job applications like tailoring your CV or practice interviews.

They can also help you identify your own personal strengths and weaknesses. Through your time at university you can then build on these, making you a more well rounded, employable individual. 

The careers service will also often host career fairs. Keep up to date with these events as they are a great opportunity to speak to potential employers. Ask questions and network as many companies use these events to recruit potential candidates. 


It’s important to network both internally and externally to your university. Building a relationship with your lecturers, tutors, and peers will provide you with an endless amount of advice enabling you to stay motivated during your studies. 

Networking outside of your university is a great way to gain valuable industry knowledge.

Maintaining a Linkedin profile allows you to digitally connect with and create a discourse with professionals in the field of work you wish to pursue. These connections also bring the potential of internships, grad schemes and full time post – university employment. 

Following companies you’re interested in working with in the future on social media is also a great way to hear about potential opportunities. Even if you don’t need these relationships immediately, building a strong network will be invaluable throughout your career.



Often it’s assumed that internships are taken after university. However, it is a great time to utilise the extended breaks during your first couple of years. 

Internships can help you gauge a career or industry and whether it’s the right fit for you. 

Companies also often use internships to scout potential future candidates. Even if this isn’t the case, gaining experience and having industry references are indispensable, especially in an ever competitive job market. 

To get the most out of your internship, whether at a big corporation or small business make sure it matches with your career aspirations. For example, if pursuing journalism, valuable experience would be gained from an internship at a local newspaper or publisher. 

Keep your CV up to date

Regularly updating your CV with relevant skills and experience through your time at university will make your life easier when it comes to future applications.

Remember to add specific examples of how you demonstrated that specific skill to make your CV stand out. 

You’ll be competing against other candidates so it’s always a good idea to keep up to date with current industry-relevant skills.

Even if you’re not readily applying for jobs, regularly check job adverts. Compare these job specifications to your CV and work on any gaps in your skillset during your time at university. 


So here it is, the most underrated career advice for students. If you need any advice on great student accommodation, the team at Novel Student are here to help. 


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