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Top Items For Your University Stationery List

21 June 2022

So you’re heading off to university. How exciting! 

Doubtless you’re already dreaming of all the things you’re going to do when you get there. 

All the societies you’ll join, all the friends you’re going to make, independent living at your student accommodation, all the places to visit and things to do. Not to mention all the amazing stuff you’re going to learn on your fascinating course.

In the midst of all these future projections, there’s potentially a few essential, yet slightly less exciting, things that you might not have considered.

Like what stationery you need to take with you to university. OK, it might not sound amazing, but you’re going to need it!

Here’s a list of our must-have essential stationery items. You’ll thank us for it later!


Academic Diary

Potentially the most important of all your uni stationery supplies, the trusty academic planner is going to be your best friend.

It’s easy to get lost in a sea of deadlines and exam dates, so it’s important to have some way to keep on top of all of that.

Having a diary to lay it all out in front of you will give you a sense of perspective and control over the situation, and will help you to prioritise your workload.

It’s also a great way to make plans for a study routine, which we really recommend sticking to as a means to maintaining equilibrium and consistency in your student life.


It’s a good idea to have different notebooks for different modules. That way, when it comes to revising, you’ll have everything pre-organised and ready in one place. No trudging through papers separating information.

Perhaps even keep another notebook just for rough notes in lectures. Then when you get home you can transfer your lecture notes into your module notebooks, in a more orderly fashion.


Binders and Dividers

Another technique to keep all your notes in order is by using ringbinder folders. You can keep all of your rough notes in one place and even divide them by topic using coloured dividers for ease of use.

To make sure that no pages fall out of the binder, we recommend buying some plastic pockets. They are super cheap and they keep your notes in top condition.



What would a notebook be without some funky highlighters?

Using coloured highlighters is a hugely popular and effective way to separate big chunks of information. 

That’ll help you to take in the information more easily, and the colour coding could even help you to recall the essentials in the exam.

Speaking of colours…



Coloured flashcards can be a magnificent way to memorise key information.

Writing down bite sized chunks of information and using them to test your memory will help you to internalise it. You can make this into a fun game with friends in study sessions. 

You can even hole punch them and bind them all together so that you can take them out and about and read them on the bus, in cafes, on the train, and so on….



OK, so this might not technically fall into the category of stationery. It is, however, undeniable that many people are now opting to use laptops instead of notebooks and pens. Each person has their own preferences.

Whether you decide on laptops for lectures or the more traditional handwritten methods, you will always need a laptop no matter what. That’s because all coursework must be submitted online using university platforms.

You will definitely need a laptop or some sort of computer to be able to get all that coursework ready and sent off in good time.

So make sure that a good laptop is on your list of things to take with you to university!


USB stick

Of course, these days you can save everything to the cloud BUT we still recommend keeping hold of a USB memory stick. They can be lifesavers should you lose internet connection, or run out of storage space.

In any case, it’s always wise to triple save everything. You don’t want to lose a draft of an essay you’ve been working on all night!


Pencil Case

This one is a must-have for fans of traditional methods of note-taking with good old paper, pencils and pens.

Not only do you get to keep all your essential bits close at hand in one place, but you get the fun of choosing a funky pencil case!

If you’re looking for inspiration on where to buy all this kit, then here are a few suggestions:


Once you’ve got all your university stationery list together, you’ll be ready to get using the specially designed study spaces at our modern student accommodation. So get out, get buying your stationery essentials and get set to be top of the class!

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