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Top Eight Asian Supermarkets in Leicester

7 January 2022

If you’ve recently relocated to Leicester for University and you’re in search of Asian supermarkets in the area, look no further. To ensure you can find the ingredients you need to cook up your favourite meals, we’re rounding up eight of the top Asian supermarkets in Leicester. 


Pak Foods

With Google reviews listing halal food, excellent variety and helpful staff, Pak Foods is a well-stocked Asian supermarket with reasonable prices. 

Location: Chesterfield Road, Leicester LE5 5LH

Contact: 0116 273 1759

Click here for directions. 


Tai Fat Chinese Supermarket 

Praised for a remarkable range of foods from China and SE Asia, exceptional customer service and great prices, Tai Fat Chinese Supermarket will likely have the ingredients you’re in search of. 

Location: 5 Melton Street, Leicester Le1 3NB

Contact: 0116 262 9656 

Click here for directions. 


Mega Oriental Supermarket

Conveniently located in the city centre, Mega Oriental Supermarket is well worth a visit. With reviewers noting a great selection of items, very kind staff and a great choice of frozen dumplings, you’re likely to find what you need here. 

Location: 100 London Road, Leicester LE2 0QS

Contact: 0116 367 1960 

Click here for directions. 

Wang Fung Hong Oriental Supermarket 

Another excellent Asian supermarket in Leicester’s city centre is Wang Fung Hong. Praised by shoppers for the extremely friendly owner, useful selection of oriental delicacies and fair pricing, Wang Fung Hong comes highly recommended. 

Location: 1 Jarrom Street, Leicester LE2 7DH 

Contact: 0116 255 6833

Click here for directions. 


Shiva Shakti Foods

With excellent reviews noting great food with authentic Indian taste, fresh vegetables, helpful staff and reasonable prices, Shiva Shakti foods is a popular Asian supermarket that offers plenty of variety. 

Location: 6 MacDonald Road, Leicester LE4 5HD 

Contact: 0116 268 1622

Click here for directions. 


Shyam Fruit & Veg 

This small but well-stocked supermarket offers an excellent selection of fruit & vegetables used in Asian cooking. With reviewers mentioning the helpful and friendly staff and a great selection, you can count on Shyam to stock the fruit and veg you’re after. 

Location: 14 Melton Road, Leicester LE4 5EA 

Contact: 0116 319 2030

Click here for directions. 


The Farmland Oriental supermarket 

With reviews mentioning everything Asian I want under one roof, great product choice and excellent delivery service, this city-centre supermarket is a great option that is very close to the university. 

Location: 8 Oxford Street, Leicester LE1 5XZ

Contact: 0116 255 0088

Click here for directions. 


Korea Super 韩品超市

Praised for a great atmosphere, a very good selection of packaged, frozen and fresh items and a handy reward card, Korea Super is a popular choice amongst locals.

Location: 35 Peacock Lane, Leicester LE1 5PY

Contact: 0116 251 9988

Click here for directions.


Whether you’re searching for an Indian, Southeast Asian or Chinese supermarket in Leicester, you’ll be spoilt for choice! With many of the supermarkets conveniently located in the city offering an array of delicacies and ingredients, you should be able to get everything you need in one trip. 


If you’re looking for a place to call home in the centre of Leicester, our student accommodation comes with a whole host of amenities, including fully-fitted kitchens and indoor and outdoor dining areas so you can cook up a storm with your friends. 

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