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Top Benefits of Travelling for Students

12 May 2022

They say that travel broadens the mind.

What better time to travel, then, than during your university years when you are exploring adult life, becoming independent, and learning about so many things in so many ways?

There are multiple benefits of travelling as a student. Here are just a few of them…


Learn another language

One of the biggest benefits of travelling for students is that you will most probably pick up another language along the way.

Even if languages aren’t your forte, the almost inevitable language barriers that you’ll face will force you out of your comfort zone and get you communicating with the locals.

It might be something as simple as a few basic phrases accompanied by lots of gestures and smiles, or perhaps something more advanced. 

Either way, you will find yourself getting a real kick out of being able to communicate with people from other countries, it really is a special feeling. 

The locals will appreciate the effort too. And the best part is that  you’ll see that people, no matter where they’re from, share much more in common than what sets us apart from each other.

Not to mention that extra languages will look great on your CV when you graduate and want to break into a profession!


Make new friends

Another benefit of travelling for students is that you’ll meet new people all the time.

You’ll develop your social skills very rapidly, as the necessity to have friends around to rely on will be a priority. It’s nigh on impossible to survive as a traveller without making friends and sharing the experience.

What’s more, you’ll find that those people will remain friends for life, and you’ll have more opportunities to travel with them in the future.

The social skills you develop whilst travelling will shape you in a positive way and will undoubtedly come in handy if you go into a profession that requires networking or any contact with the public.

Learn life skills

Travelling isn’t just a fun adventure. It’s also a learning experience. It sounds cliche, but you really do learn so much about yourself and your limits. No matter what age you are, you pick up new skills as a traveller. 

As a university student, you’ll definitely pick up some life skills which will make you more independent than ever and super well equipped to enter into the adult working world after university.

The life skills you gain while you learn how to travel are invaluable and will be attractive to any prospective employer, as well as serving you well.

Not only that, but the travelling experience in itself takes you out of your comfort zone. Learning how to orchestrate a trip with its timings, routes, methods of transportation, not to mention the unforeseen hiccups that usually crop up – all of those are learning curves with many educational benefits.

Later on in life you may have to manage teams of people or strategise timings and budgets. The problem solving skills you picked up while travelling may seem unrelated, but they are very transferable.

Your travel tips will convert into life hacks. You’ll develop an immense grit, and independence which means that although you may be alone in a foreign country, you’ll find a way out of jams. Even things as simple as dining alone in a restaurant or travelling solo, things that seemed daunting before, become second nature.

And that knowledge that you’re capable of just about anything is a great confidence booster.


See the world from a different angle

Students who travel to a foreign country not only have an adventure but often form new perspectives on many different matters. 

It’s great to see the rest of the world to be able to enjoy other cultures, religions, ways of life and customs. 

Even if what you have in mind isn’t necessarily an educational trip, you will almost certainly return home having seen that there is more to life than what exists within your own cultural bubble, and will develop your critical thinking skills

You’ll most likely become more tolerant of other ways of thinking and not be so quick to think that your way is the only way – something that is absolutely invaluable in every walk of life.

Seeing things for the first time and from different perspectives will also boost your creativity and serve as inspiration in many aspects of your life.

You might even come across some situations that are difficult to accept or take in, for example, you may be exposed to extreme poverty. They’ll serve to make you more compassionate and could even be the catalyst for change, if you feel inspired enough to try and make a difference. 

Appreciate what you have at home

Last but not least, travelling abroad as a student will probably increase your sense of gratitude for all of the good things and people that you have in your life back home.

No matter where you are, it’s always the people that make a home. So it goes without saying that you’ll be glad to see the people that really matter – your family and friends.

Returning home can be challenging sometimes, as you may feel a reverse culture shock after having seen your old world from an outside perspective. Real life might seem a little flat for a while after your adventures. That’s completely normal, and you’ll settle back in soon enough.

Whether you settle in quickly or not, you’ll surely feel a sense of gratitude for everything you’ve experienced, and for all that you have at home. Gratitude is extremely important for a sense of wellbeing and good mental health, and will even make you a more productive student. What more could we possibly add to that as a recommendation for travelling as a student?!

Speaking of wellbeing, here at Novel we understand that feeling safe, secure, healthy and happy are of paramount importance during your university years. 

That’s why our university residences always place an emphasis on health and happiness and a sense of community at the heart of what we do. If you fancy doing some exploring, take the first step of your journey with us today.

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