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The Top 5 Workout Apps To Use For Students

14 July 2022

Between lectures, seminars, studying and socialising we know that it’s easy for workouts to fall down the list of priorities. 

Working out isn’t just important for general health and fitness – it’s also a powerful de-stresser which as a student can definitely come in handy. 

If you need a little motivation or general help to reach your #fitnessgoals it’s likely there’s an app to get you there. To save you scrolling, we’ve compiled a list of the top workout apps to use for students. 



Who’s it best for?  If the gym isn’t necessarily your thing and you prefer a walk, jog or run this is for you. 

Where is it available?  Android and iOS

Regardless of your fitness level, you’ll find this app incredibly useful. It has a plethora of cardio workouts that change as you progress through the stages. 

It’ll get your heart rate up, burn calories and as you progress through the app’s schedule of training sessions you’ll notice a huge difference in your personal fitness. 


Nike Training Club

Who’s it best for? Everyone! From beginner to expert with workout routines across all categories.

Where is it available?  Android & iOS

Offering  200 + free workouts we had to include this in the list of top workout apps to use for students. You can follow Nike’s personal trainer’s step-by-step through workout routines and classes. 

Whether it’s strength training, yoga, at home or in the gym you enjoy, you’ll be able to find something to suit your energy level and mood. 

Apple Fitness +

Who’s it best for? Those who have an apple watch who want to track their fitness progress. 

Where is it available?  Apple

Fitness + is much more than a regular workout app – it brings studio-style workouts with skilled instructors to help motivate its users. 

A fully inclusive fitness tracker, it uses your apple watch to measure metrics as you workout to help you reach your goals. 

It offers a three-month free trial so you can see if it’s the app for you before committing. With such a huge range of workouts from HIIT to yoga, you can choose and adapt your fitness plan to match your capability. 


My Fitness Pal

Who’s it best for? Those who are looking for some extra support to compliment their workout routine. 

Where is it available? Android and Apple

Helping over 1 million users reach their nutrition and fitness goals annually, it goes beyond some of the other apps offerings. 

The app collects data on the nutritional value of foods helping users collate meal plans, reach their fitness goals, lose weight in a regulated healthy way and most importantly improve their shape and lifestyle. 

Daily Burn

Who’s it best for? If you want to try a brand new workout every single day this is for you.

Where is it available? iOS and Android

From kickboxing to cardio, Daily Burn is up there in the top workout apps for students to use because of the range and quantity of training plans. 

With over 1,400+ (and growing ) classes it’s one of the more comprehensive fitness apps. It even offers audio-only options so you can work out without having to stare at your screen. 

At Novel, we care about student wellbeing and offer a range of wellness services. Our locations have fully-equipped fitness facilities,  regular workout classes, PT sessions and wellbeing events that include guided meditation and yog

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