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The Best Student Blogs to Read Whilst at Uni

24 September 2021

Your time at university is a time of growth and development, and not just in lectures. If you’re just starting out on your university experience, you might be wondering how to study effectively or take care of your physical and mental wellbeing. 

For those approaching the end of your courses, you might be thinking about getting the best start to your career. Or, perhaps you’re looking for travel tips for a well-earned gap year. Whatever stage you’re at, student blog sites are a great place to find the inspiration and guidance you’re looking for. 

Student lifestyle blogs and individual student bloggers share a whole range of useful content covering all aspects of student life. We’ve pulled together some of the best student blogs that we think will enrich your student experience. 


Student Minds 

Managed by the UK’s largest student mental health charity, this blog is well-known for its positive community around student mental health and wellbeing. With a dedicated resource section, this blog includes everything from handling the transition to university to managing exam stress. As a charity, they also offer great student volunteering opportunities, as well as frequent campus-based student-led campaigns across the UK. 


The Student Blogger 

Another pillar of the student blogging community is The Student Blogger. This blog draws on the lives and experiences of thousands of students. The community aims to give you everything you need to make student life stress-free, so you can focus on your studies. 

Whether you’re looking for some easy recipes or tips on how to save money, The Student Blogger has something for everyone. Bonus tip: head over to their ‘Student Blogger Selection’ page to discover a range of independent student bloggers. 


The Careers Blog, University of Warwick 

Many universities sites offer early careers guidance, but few have made as big an impact as the University of Warwick’s Careers Blog. The blog is packed with useful insights aimed at soon-to-be graduates. Recent posts include ‘How to write a competition beating CV in 2021’ and ‘5 ways to add work experience to your CV’. An invaluable resource when it comes to finding graduate roles or securing that summer internship. 


Student Problems (@studentproblems) 

On the more lighthearted side, the popular TikTok ‘Student Problems’ shares hilarious content from university students from all over the world. It’s ideal for when you’re procrastinating from that looming assignment. Nothing makes you feel more part of the student community than laughing at your common experiences. It’s also an easy way to discover hundreds of entertaining student social media influencers all on one feed.


Student Hut 

This is a fantastic student site, made popular by its rankings of universities, cities and even clubs & societies. It’s a great place to check out the best bits about your university and give you ideas of how to make the most of your time there. 

Included in their rankings is a category for ‘StudyTubers’, where you’ll find the most influential student bloggers, vloggers and influencers, so you can always discover fresh content. Whilst this may not sound much like a blog, this active student community also posts regular articles to their page. Popular topics include studying techniques, location guides and student blogger highlights.


Times Higher Education – THE Student 

Tailored to international students and studying abroad, this offshoot of Times Higher Education brings a whole host of content from students around the world. With everything from guidance in choosing your perfect degree course abroad, to entertaining guest vlogs from aspiring global student influencers. It’s a great starting point for finding all the knowledge and support you need whilst studying internationally. 


So, there we have it, our round-up of the best student blogs to take a look at during your studies. Be sure to keep an eye on our journal page for more student articles.

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