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The 5 Best Assignment Deadline Planners

1 February 2022

Being a student means you’re probably juggling 101 different things at one time. This is only heightened around certain parts of the semester where you’ll find assignments come like buses – all at once!

To maximise your productivity, and chances of getting the best results possible an assignment deadline planner is the way to go. 

More than just for assignments you can also use them to organise revision, group projects or even just general day-to-day life. 

Apple famously started saying “there’s an app for that”, but when it comes to assignment deadline planners there’s plenty more than just one. 

To help sift through the plethora of planners available, here’s our list of the top 5 available for students (in no particular order):

Microsoft To Do

Available on desktop, iOS & android it is described as a truly cross-platform task management app.  

A relatively new app in the realms of ones suitable for students to plan assignments – there’s a few specific features that stand out: 

  • You can set subtasks and add notes to tasks – this means you can collate all of your assignment information in one space and break it down into more easily achievable steps.
  • The ability to share your list – this makes it incredibly easy to sort tasks in group assignments. You can add notes, subtasks and assign specific actions to different people.
  • The function to set different lists – this means you can set lists specifically for different modules and view them all in one place.

If you’re using it to plan more than just your assignments, you could even set lists up compartmentalising what you’re planning for. For example “essays” “revision” & “home”. 



Also available on desktop, iOS and Android. Todoist shares many features with Microsoft To Do. Other notable features that are sure to appeal to students making their way through their assignment lists are: 

  • Priority levels – Todoist will highlight each day’s most important tasks so you know exactly what to focus on throughout the day.
  • Visualisations – the whole idea of an assignment planner is to maximise your productivity. We know some people find it easier to visualise tasks and so do Todoist  – productivity visualisations by day, week and month meaning it’s easy to stay on task.
  • Integration – Todoist offers integration with over 30 other apps including your calendar and even Amazon Alexa. So, even if you’re cooking dinner and remember that you have forgotten to add a task you can just ask Alexa to add it for you.


My Homework 

The name might make it sound like it’s an app just for school, but it’s a great assignment planner whether that be for GCSE, A levels or indeed a degree. 

The app is available on both Android and IOS. It offers succinct support for tracking your assignments, exams, projects and other important events. 

Its most beneficial features include: 

  • My Homework allows you to sync your assignments with your calendar. Ideal for those who can be a little more forgetful you can set reminders for due dates to avoid ever being caught short for time.
  • The widgets for iOS and Android help keep assignments at the forefront of students’ minds.
  • It also enables you to split your assignment schedule by module and identify them as high, medium or low priority when setting due dates.


Available on desktop, iOS & Android.  Trello is a general project management app that works excellent for students struggling to keep up with their assignment list. 

The features that make it stand out in particular as a student planner: 

  • It allows you to create multiple boards, lists and has a calendar view so it is highly customisable for how you prefer to work.
  • When it comes to group assignments, you can invite participants to a board, and assign cards.
  • Along with setting due dates you can add customisable “tags” to highlight whether the assignment is  completed, on track or in progress still. You can also set reminders so that you receive a notification (1,2 or 3 days) before the due date. 

Described as a task, list and reminder organiser all in a single app. seamlessly syncs across all devices. 

Acting as the virtual version of crossing off every point on your paper to-do list. The most stand out features for planning assignments include:

  • has a progress tracker. Smart reminders mean that you never forget a deadline.
  • It features one-time, recurring and even location-based reminders. Need to pick a textbook up from the library when you’re on campus?  The location-based reminder will make sure you do.
  • Its home screen widget allows you to stay on top of any outstanding tasks. The app is also able to be synced up with any other calendar you may have (Google, Apple, Microsoft) for a seamless journey across apps.


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