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Sustainability at Novel

27 May 2021

I’m sure you all know who David Attenborough and Greta Thunburg are, both of these wonderful humans are committed to making the world a better place, not only for this generation but for our future gens too.

Climate change is a serious topic and it’s important we all understand the impact that we have on the environment, as well as knowing the changes we can make to help protect the wonderful world that we live in.

At Novel Student we are passionate about reducing our carbon footprint and protecting the environment, and as such we have designed our buildings with sustainability at their core. So, what are we doing to make a difference? Read below to find out:

Green Energy Providers

We have partnered with energy providers who prioritise green tariffs, ensuring that the energy imported to run our properties is from a renewable resource. Also, all of our buildings have high levels of insulation within the walls and roofs, as well as featuring  high-performance windows, all of which help to ensure that our energy demand for heating is low (and that you are nice and warm even in Winter!).

Fossil Fuels (nope)

Fossil fuels are non-renewable and unsustainable, so we are minimising the use of fossil fuels by implementing heat pumps, solar panels and high efficiency boilers in our accommodation. We also focus on prioritising natural ventilation rather than installing air conditioning systems (which can use a substantial amount of energy).


Energy Efficient Lighting

Turn the light off! A very commonly used phrased, but don’t worry about this pet peeve at Novel, we have100% LED/high efficiency lighting, with sensors in all corridors and amenity spaces to avoid lighting being left on when not in use.


All our buildings are equipped with recycling bins and central bin stores. At Hillside House and Bridle Works, we also have trash chutes which allow for selection between general or recyclable rubbish (and helps to avoid carrying your bins out!).


Once our Novel students are in our building and enjoying university life, we have a comprehensive building management system which monitors and allows us to check our efficiencies to stop any unnecessary energy wastage. This system allows us to reflect the energy output of our properties and helps us to safeguard our promise to act sustainably!

Dishwashers and en-suite showers

Dishwashers are more environmentally friendly than you might think, did you know they use 2,000 less gallons per year than doing dishes by hand?!

At Novel Student we have dishwashers in our shared apartments and studios, you can explore all our unique offerings on our website here.

On top of this, we have chosen to only install showers rather than baths into our accommodation, saving even more water consumption.

Novel Student bikes

Wellbeing is our top priority at Novel Student, and we go above and beyond to ensure our residents feel supported within their new homes, check out all our locations here.

As well as having on-site gyms at all three of our properties in Sheffield, Glasgow and Edinburgh, we also have free to hire Novel bikes to encourage students to stay active and travel to their lectures and around the City in the most environmentally friendly way.

Novel Student Water bottles

Not only is our accommodation built with sustainability in mind, but we also source our products from environmentally friendly businesses.

We are very excited to partner with H20sqd and support young entrepreneur Francesca on her journey to producing carbon negative water bottles.

Our H20sqd Novel water bottles are reusable, BPA-free and vegan. You can find out everything about these fantastic bottles and also get some top tips on living a sustainable lifestyle within our interview blog with Francesca here.

Like the sound of Novel Student? Explore our accommodation and available rooms on our website or book a show flat tour to see for yourself here.

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