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Every Restaurant near Edinburgh Uni You Have to Try

13 January 2022

When it comes to dining in Edinburgh, you’ll be spoilt for choice. With more restaurants per person than any other city in the UK, you’ll be able to pick from a huge range of international and local cuisines with ample dining options for vegans and vegetarians too. 

Edinburgh also boasts some of the finest dining and fresh food markets Scotland has to offer. Here you can sample unrivalled produce from around the country, from organic vegetables to fresh seafood. 

If you’re visiting the city during your studies, there’s a whole host of unique food and drink to try. You might fancy trying haggis, a sausage-like pudding made from offal (the veggie version is just as delicious!). Or perhaps shortbread, a type of traditional sweet buttery biscuit. 

So, if you’re keen to explore the city, and all the mouth-watering food that comes with it, here are our top student-friendly restaurants near Edinburgh University you have to try. 


Mosque Kitchen 

This popular, budget-friendly curry joint on Nicolson Square dishes out delicious homestyle Indian meals every day until 10pm. Immensely popular with the student population of Edinburgh, you can pick up most curries (and a side of rice) and still get change from a tenner. 

For the spice-averse, there’s still a wide variety of takeaway dishes to choose from, including pizzas, kebabs, and shawarma wraps. 

The kitchen offers a fairly no-frills dining experience, but you’ll in no way feel short-changed by the welcoming and friendly staff and exceptional value. 

Ting Thai Caravan 

With two branches open in both Edinburgh and Glasgow, it’s easy to see how Ting Thai Caravan has become a hit with the Scottish public and visitors alike. Situated near the university quarter, and offering most dishes for less than £10 – it’s also a hit with the students. 

This vibrant, hipster diner opened its doors in 2012, specialising in authentic Thai street food. Since then, the Ting Thai Caravan’s popularity has allowed the owners to open another restaurant nearby, Saboteur, and expand their offering into other South-East Asian cuisines, such as Vietnamese. 



If you’re visiting the UK from overseas, it can be hard to understand the British obsession with pies. A humble pastry crust, encasing a variety of savoury (and sometimes sweet) fillings, makes the perfect filling lunch for students, even if you’re on the go. 

Few places offer quite as impressive a selection as Piemaker. With over 30 fillings to choose from, there’s a pie for every palate! There’s even an extensive selection of both vegetarian and vegan pies. Plus, at less than £5 a pie, you can eat ‘til your heart’s content. 


Chez Jules 

Taking your taste buds over The Channel, Chez Jules serves up quintessential French classics in a quaint bistro setting. Its informal style and relaxed, welcoming atmosphere make it a great place for a date or dinner with friends, with many main courses set up to be shared between two. 

The rustic but delicious menu offers diners everything from coq au vin to cuisse de grenouilles (that’s frog legs to you and me!). They also put on some great lunch deals, so be sure to treat yourself to a mid-day feast if you get the chance – c’est magnifique! 



Vegetarians, avert your eyes – this is one for the carnivores amongst us! Wings is an establishment dedicated to one and only dish – you guessed it – chicken wings. 

With seemingly endless styles, flavours and accompanying sauces to choose from, Wings have really doubled down on their market niche. With an edgy, laid-back style the restaurant is covered in all manner of comic illustrations and geeky paraphernalia. A perfect spot for students to unwind and refuel!


The Percy

The Percy offers the perfect blend of classic decor and traditional Polish fayre. The cosy, beautifully-furnished dining room is the perfect setting to tuck into The Percy’s range of homely Polish cooking, including classic staples such as pierogi and bigos. 

If you’re feeling hungry, this restaurant is the place to head to, with more-than-ample portions of deliciously fresh food. This is made all the better by the consistently well-reviewed staff who have a great reputation for their helpfulness and service. 


Kim’s Mini Meals

This small, unsuspecting eatery has a huge reputation. Having been recommended in the Michelin guide several times over the years, Kim’s Mini Meals is a must-visit restaurant near Edinburgh university. Dishing up Korean classics, the restaurant is owned by the Kim family who have lived around Europe for over 20 years. Their genuine hospitality is complemented by their delicious and nutritious Korean soul food, cooked just the way the Kim family have enjoyed it at home for generations! 


The Pakora Bar

Earning TripAdvisor’s acclaimed Travellers’ Choice award in 2021, The Pakora Bar is one of the most well-reviewed restaurants in Edinburgh. Offering up an array of pakoras and other popular Punjabi street food dishes, your taste buds are in for a treat! Although true to the homestyle, authentic cooking of the North Indian region, the menu is perfectly adapted to the city, offering some exciting Scottish-Indian fusions. There’s even a haggis pakora to try! 

Pizza Posto

Pizza Posto is a casual, straightforward establishment, focusing primarily on fine Neapolitan-style pizzas. The menu is packed with classic, yet mouth-watering toppings to create your perfect pizza – with a selection of fries and sides to boot. 

Dine in and watch as chefs prepare your pizza right in front of you. Or, get the pizza to take away for the perfect movie night with friends! 


So there you have it, a round-up of our favourite restaurants near Edinburgh University. We hope you have fun exploring the city and all the food it has to offer. Residents at our Edinburgh properties, Huxley Studios and Silk Mill, can always ask our helpful team for more recommendations of where to eat

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