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Top Reasons you Should Speak to your Student Wellbeing Team

19 November 2021

As a university student, you’ll spend most of your time either studying or socialising with your new friends. But there’s another equally important factor of your student life to consider – your wellbeing. 

Wellbeing is essentially the maintenance of your health and happiness. This can cover everything from mental health through to diet and exercise, things that students can often overlook. 

The good news is your university will have a wellbeing team on hand to offer you support and guidance should you need it. We’d highly recommend using these services as a student, and here are our top reasons why.


Prevention is better than cure

Maintaining a healthy focus on your wellbeing isn’t just something to focus on in times of distress. Three-quarters of all mental health issues emerge before the age of 25. With university being such a life-changing time for many, it’s perhaps unsurprising that many of these issues can present themselves during higher education. 

By taking wellbeing seriously and using the resources on offer, you can not only protect yourself through good times but bad ones too. For example, wellbeing teams will be able to share with you the tools to adapt to and cope with exam stress. This means when the end of the semester comes around, you’ll be better equipped to take on the challenge. 


They’re there when you need them most

If you are facing difficulties or challenges during your studies, university wellbeing services will be there for you. Whether it’s someone to speak to directly or access to more structured guidance, such as counselling or talking therapies. Your wellbeing team is a great first point of contact to help ensure you get the right type of support you need. 

Universities have your best interests at heart and will strive to provide you with the best possible student experience. So do feel like you can reach out to them, should you need it. 

Become the best version of yourself

A commitment to your wellbeing can have a whole host of benefits to your mindset and your social connections with others. By developing a better relationship with yourself and your emotions, you may feel more empathetic towards others allowing you to build healthier and stronger relationships. 

This can be particularly beneficial when it comes to leading or working as part of a team, skills that are often tested at university. Learning to thrive in times of adversity can also allow you to develop stronger problem-solving skills. It also equips you to overcome challenges in both your academic and everyday life.


Enhance your studies and career

Alongside personal benefits, a wellbeing focus has been proven to improve concentration and motivation levels in students. Not only can these lead to better grade attainment overall, but also consequently lead to better chances of success with career development opportunities and employment prospects. 


At Novel, we pride ourselves on providing spaces that create healthier and happier student communities. To discover more about life at Novel and how we focus on student wellbeing, check out our Wellness section


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