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Our Top Virtual Fitness Classes

22 July 2020

Time to push back the sofa, turn up the volume and get moving!

We’ve recently seen a huge rise in virtual fitness classes, people are working out from home and gym equipment is selling out like gold dust. Many influencers, personal trainers and fitness companies are all jumping online to give the people what they want!

So, why are virtual fitness classes so popular? Maybe it is because you get to work out within the comfort of your own home; or because they are free or cost very little and with not much equipment required, you can push yourself to try something new, or because you can take as many breaks as you like without side-eyes from judgemental gym members or, if you’re like us, maybe you just love being able to participate whilst still in the comfort of your pyjamas!

Here are some of our favourite and in-demand classes – give them a go!

Barry’s Bootcamp

Okay, we’ve gone straight in with one of the most intense but trendiest bootcamps around. Heard of CrossFit or F45? Then this is the kind of page you are on. If high-intensity training is your thing and you’re the type of person that likes to push themselves to infinity and beyond then Barry’s is for you.

Instagram: @barrysuk


Are you living your life in the fast lane and burning out? Sometimes we just need some downtime to look after ourselves. If you are looking for something less intense and more relaxing (try not to fall asleep to the soothing music) check out these fly guys for yoga, pilates, barre and low impact classes.

Instagram: @fly_ldn


We can admit, nothing gets us on the dance floor like a good song and some encouragement. Well, get your dancing shoes on (or some grippy/supportive slippers) and give Frame’s 80s-themed aerobic sessions and party-style dance classes a go (you could even ask a flatmate to join in with you – have a laugh!)

Instagram: @moveyourframe

Instagram Workouts

With lots of “fish in the sea” aka so many personal trainers and Instagram fitness influencers, it’s sometimes hard to know who to follow. Here are some of our favourites:

@bradleysimmonds – aka Mr Motivator, Bradley has a get it done motto. He is a young and successful personal trainer always educating his followers and offering free workouts. He trains a few celebrities from famous footballer John Terry to the television and radio presenter Maya Jama. His cute dog Roots is also a famous participant in all his videos and stories.

@aliceliveing – the thing we like most about Alice is how vocal she is about her difficulties with mental health and how she uses her platform and experience to help others. Well-being is so important, and it’s crucial that you look after both your physical and mental health. She writes a column for Women’s Health magazine and hosts a podcast called “Give me Strength” which focuses on wellbeing and resilience. You will not be short of any advice on her page!

@jamessmithpt – Being both honest and relatable, James has many endearing qualities that keep you coming back to his page. He discusses everything from health and fitness to travelling and going on a big night out. He is extremely witty and he doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to honest advice and opinions. He has a free app which is worth checking out or you can sign up to his mailing list for an interesting read or get some daily motivation.

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