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Our top tips for your final year at university

18 July 2022

Your last year of university is full of mixed emotions.

Your degree is coming to an end and with it all the deadlines and coursework that you’ve had to slog through. 

You’re finally entering the working world and are going to kickstart your career.. 

With the university experience coming to an end, you’ll no doubt want to make the most of your final year and prepare for the next stage of your life.

Here’s just a few ideas to help you to do just that…


Look After Your Mental and Physical Health

The final year at university can be a mixed bag, and many people find it overwhelming.

That’s why we believe it’s vitally important to look after yourself in your final year, more than ever before.

Make sure you organise yourself well, and that you’re eating healthily and exercising regularly.

Make time for your friends and family, and get involved with your favourite university clubs and societies. Do things that make you feel happy and alive.

If you’re sleeping well you’ll also be happier and more productive, so don’t neglect to take your siesta if needed.


Organise Your Time – Study Routine

Working on your end of year projects and dissertation organisation will be of utmost importance.

One of our best tips for your final year at university is to establish a routine of exercise and free time. Having decided working hours is a great way to ensure maximum productivity and success.

Make a study schedule and a to-do list so that you don’t neglect any of your subjects, and in that schedule set aside time to rest intermittently. Work-life balance is very important for good mental health.

If you find that you’re a procrastinator, why not set up study sessions with a study buddy who is committed to studying as well? That way, you can hold each other accountable if either one of you gets distracted.


Organise a Workspace

One of the best tips for your final year at uni to be as productive as possible is to study in a peaceful, tranquil environment.

Here at Novel we have dedicated study zones where you can get your head down and crack on with your dissertation.

To mix it up a bit, head to the library, or check out bars and cafes with free wifi access in your local neighbourhood.


Accept Help And Ask For It

Here’s a top tip for your final year at uni that should never be overlooked.

If stress and anxiety become a problem for you while at uni, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your university’s counselling services.

It’s vitally important to talk to friends and family, or just talk to someone confidentially, if you’re struggling.

Never worry about being a burden to others – your health should be of utmost priority, and that includes your mental health.


Stop Worrying So Much About Next Year

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies. 

Many students in their final year at uni start to fret about the future, and while planning ahead is important, worrying is counterproductive.

There are plenty of graduate schemes and jobs out there but even if you don’t find something straight away, don’t worry!

Here’s a top tip for your final year at uni – check out your university’s careers service – they can help you with CVs and cover letters, as well as graduate fairs.

To give yourself a better chance of finding a job after graduation, maybe do a bit of volunteering to get extra experience on your CV.


Plan Ahead For The Summer

Our last top tip for your final year at uni – plan something fun for the summer holidays so that you have something fun to look forward to after the exams and dissertation are out of the way. 

Fun in the sunshine is the best incentive to keep you going!

So there you have our top tips for your final year at uni. And don’t forget, here at Novel you can always talk to us if you need any guidance or advice while you’re studying. We are always here to help, so that you can have the best student experience possible!


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