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Novel Partner With Housing Hand

11 February 2021

Looking to pay your rent in instalments but lacking a UK based guarantor?

Our partners at Housing Hand are here to assist you, offering a secure, reliable, and insured rental guarantor service for students renting in the UK.

They will act as your guarantor, allowing you to benefit from the flexibility of our payment plans – with options for 4, 10 and also 12 instalment plans when renting with Novel Student.

Housing Hand have worked hard to ensure their guarantor service is a straightforward and simple process. Below we have explained everything you need to know about Housing Hand and exactly what a guarantor is.

Who is Housing Hand?

Housing Hand is the largest and only award-winning provider of rental guarantor services in the UK.

Housing Hand offers a guarantor service to all UK and International students that cannot provide a qualifying UK Guarantor, thereby acting as your qualifying UK guarantor.


What is a guarantor?

When you rent a property in the UK, it’s common to have a guarantor. A guarantor is someone who agrees to take joint responsibility for the rent of your property if you (the tenant) fail to uphold it yourself.


Who needs a guarantor?

If you would like to pay your rent in instalments using our 4,10 or 12 week plan, you will need to have a UK-based guarantor or a guarantee from Housing Hand.


Am I eligible for Housing Hand?

All UK and International Students are eligible to apply for Housing Hand. You will need to provide a:

  • Copy of your passport
  • University acceptance letter (or student card)
  • Proof of residential address dated within the last two months (this could be a utility bill dated from the last or a council tax letter)


Students must also provide a co-signer, this is normally a parent or guardian. They need to provide:

  • Photographic ID
  • Proof of residential address dated within the last two months.


What  does being a co-signer with Housing Hand involved?

A co-signer  will also sign the contract you have with Housing Hand. They will be the second point of contact in the event that Housing Hand cannot reach you, and they are jointly liable for repaying Housing Hand should you default on your rent.


Who can my co-signer be?

As well as being your parent or guardian, your co-signer must also be over the age of 18 and have an income, however, their credit history is not relevant.

They cannot be a student themselves or an existing customer of Housing Hand.

If you are from overseas, your co-signer does not need to be based in the UK so it can be a parent or friend in your home country.

How much does Housing Hand cost?

Housing Hand’s fees start from a minimum of £295 or £42 in 8 monthly instalments.

For example, if you were to book a 6-bedroom standard en-suite apartment at Novel’s Hillside House, you would pay £79 in 8 monthly instalments or £555.00 upfront for a 12 month tenancy.

For a quote specific to you, please head to the Housing Hand website and use their quoting tool.


Apply Now

A Housing Hand application will only take a few minutes of your time, you can apply here.

If you have any further questions you can visit Housing Hands FAQ page or contact an advisor on +44(0)207 205 265 or via email on


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