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How to help with feeling homesick at university

17 August 2022

Feeling homesick at university isn’t uncommon, and you should never feel alone. Leaving home and saying goodbye to your friends and family is a big deal. Thankfully, you’re not alone. From support services available to you and prioritising your mental health to meeting new people, here’s our top advice to make your academic year as enjoyable as possible. 


Don’t feel embarrassed

Everyone is in the same position when you start university and will likely feel a little homesick. So, there’s no need to feel embarrassed if you’re missing home. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t try and play it off. Instead, be honest with yourself about how you’re feeling and feel those feelings. 


Lean on friends and family

While you don’t want to spend all of your spare time virtually connecting with friends and family back home (it will probably make the homesickness worse!), you do have a support network to lean on. So, jump on a quick video call with your best friend or you set up a family WhatsApp group and speak to your nearest and dearest at home about how you’re feeling. They’ll be sure to offer up some much-needed support and encouragement. 


Get outside and explore

If you’re feeling down about missing home, you might just want to hide away and wallow. Instead, we highly recommend getting out and exploring your new home from home. Whether you go out and take pictures, visit the local attractions or head out for a coffee and bite to eat, getting out and about can work wonders to take your mind off home. The best bit? You can meet new people along the way! 

Talk to people

While you have a support network at home, it’s essential to start making new friends at university. So, try to meet new people. Thankfully, there are plenty of places to mingle such as hanging out in halls or the library, checking out clubs and societies or throwing yourself into freshers’ week.  

Trust us, once you make some new friends, you’ll soon find that you’re all in the same boat and can help one another through it. 


Speak to student services

If you’re struggling with homesickness and not sure how to combat it, you might want to use your university’s student support services. Homesickness is common for students, so you can expect student support to be well equipped to help you settle into your new home. 


Make a new home

While you may not be able to transport your entire bedroom to university, you can bring some home comforts. One way to make your university more welcoming is to make your new digs your new home from home. From pictures and soft furnishings to some house plants to tend to, there are plenty of things you can do to make your space as homely as possible. 


Look after yourself

Finally, make looking after yourself a priority. Your mental health and wellbeing should come before everything else at university. Try your best to cook nutritious meals, get enough sleep, get out and about for fresh air and exercise regularly. In short, try and establish a healthy routine that ensures your needs are met. 


Attend an open day

If you’re reading this article before starting university, our top tip is to attend an open day. Doing so means you will have had a campus tour, got your bearings, and maybe even made a few friends. 


Mental health at university

You shouldn’t feel embarrassed if you’re struggling with homesickness or anything else. Remember, you’re not alone. So, reach out and talk to people. They will always be happy to support you through challenging times. 


If you need support with your mental health, speak to Student Services or check out for more help and advice specifically for students. Our management team at Novel has regular mental health training as a standard to ensure they can identify any signs of distress among their residents. Visit our website to see the full extent of wellness Novel provides its students.


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