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Final Year University Tips – The Do’s and Don’ts

6 December 2021

In this blog, we’re sharing some of our top final year university tips to help you navigate an intense and exciting time that will stay with you forever. 


Nail your routine 

There’s no denying your final year at university can be intense. It can quickly become overwhelming with a dissertation, assignments, social life, and planning for post-grad success on your plate. Balancing everything is where routine comes in. But, more importantly, finding a routine that works for you. 

Just because your peers are up at the crack of dawn or pulling all-night stints in the library, it doesn’t mean you have to do the same. Instead, nail a routine that works to your advantage. Figure out when you’re most productive, the activities that boost your productivity and the things you can implement to work smarter, not harder. 

From starting your day with a 5-minute meditation or preparing your breakfast the night before to getting in a late-night workout or reading a couple of chapters from your favourite book, establishing a routine that inspires and focuses you is a game-changer. 


Nurture your mental health

As the famous saying goes, health is wealth. So, while meeting deadlines and attending lectures should be a priority, it shouldn’t come at the cost of your mental or physical health. 

According to reports, one in four students are said to experience mental health issues at some point during their time at university, with many finding it difficult to complete daily tasks as a result. So, if you’re struggling, know that you’re not alone. 

Student Minds is the UK’s student mental health charity; get in touch with them here


Make use of the graduate job search resources available to you 

There’s no doubt that finding a graduate job is one of your key priorities during your final year of university. However, with that said, you may not have a clear idea of what you want to do once you’ve graduated. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of resources on hand to help you, so make use of them. From your university’s career service to networking events, job fairs and online tools, free resources are at your fingertips. 

Of course, these resources are of no use to you if you don’t set aside the time to actively use them to your advantage. Make your graduate job search a priority, and you’ll thank us for it later. 

Build a support network

Networking isn’t just for work; your network can include study buddies, friends, lecturers, family or anyone else you feel you can lean on during your final year. 

Your final year is challenging; you don’t have to do it all alone. Whether you need to ask a lecturer for help with your coursework or need to FaceTime a friend for a mental health check-in, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. 


Make time for you

Despite the fact there’s a lot of work to be done in your final year at university, it doesn’t need to be all work, no play. Instead, ensure you’re carving out time in your schedule to socialise and take some well-deserved breaks to do things purely for you. Burnout is not a badge of honour, and running yourself into the ground isn’t the secret to success. 

Your final year at university requires dedication, organisation and prioritising. On some days, work will be a priority. On others, socialising and rest should take the top spot. If you stay focused, take care of yourself and lean on your support network, you’ll be on the road to success. 

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