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Benefits of Joining a Society at University

21 September 2021

University life isn’t all lectures and the library. Once you’ve settled into your new home and explored the city the next step of your university experience can begin.

Student life is all about meeting new people, trying out different things, and making the most of your time at university. There are many ways to get the most from your time, and joining a society can help you to do that.

Whether you are a sports fanatic, fancy learning a new language, or want to take up a new hobby, there are lots of benefits of joining a society at university.


Expand your Social Circle

When you start uni, especially as a fresher, you meet lots of different people from all over the world. You’ll interact with them in your student accommodation, in seminars, and even in the student union.

However, when it comes to making close friends, having a shared interest helps. By joining a student society you’re likely to meet a tonne of like-minded people who share a common interest.

Societies like sports, film, and music are all renowned for being extremely social. So, by joining, you’ll be surrounded by similar people.


Get Active

Speaking of joining a sports society, many societies promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

You’ll get fit, reduce stress and also benefit from improving your teamwork skills.

Whether you’re a complete novice or fancy giving a new activity a try, a sporting society can also be a great way to get a taste of physical activity. Sports societies welcome beginners with open arms – and you might become a pro!

If you get involved in a competitive sport, you also get the opportunity to travel around the UK (and sometimes even abroad) competing against other university teams.

Improve your CV

Graduation will arrive before you know it, so gaining skills to add to your CV while studying will help you stand out when it comes to applying for grad jobs and internships.

Alongside a social life, university societies offer valuable life and work experience for life after university.

Keeping up to date with a club or society while completing your degree shows great time management skills that are attractive to prospective employers. Not only that, but you’ll be fostering communication, public speaking, organisation, and problem-solving abilities.

Societies also give you a specific scope of topic to talk about in the hobbies and interests part of your CV or in interviews. And, as you move through your time at university, taking on extra responsibility and getting involved in the society’s committee only strengthens your professional skill-set and employability.


Develop a Passion

One of the benefits of joining a society at university is having the opportunity to test out many different activities and learn what you’re most enthusiastic about.

Societies can also help narrow down your career interests. By finding out where your passion lies, you can begin to channel your options into potential career avenues.

If you were unsure what to study before you came to university, or you aren’t confident in a certain subject area, joining a society can also be a great way to determine your skills and talents!

Many societies require a hands-on approach from their members, so expect to get stuck into many different roles. Social media management, organisational skills and events planning are just a few of the skills you may develop.


Joining a society at university is just one of the ways to settle into student life. Living in great accommodation is another. No matter how you spend your university years, you can be sure that Novel Student is the perfect place to come home to.

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