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6 Easy Recipes for Uni Students

8 October 2021

Heading to university often brings a sense of newfound freedom to many new students. Part of this experience is being able to choose what you eat and cook for yourself. If you’ve never cooked for yourself before, you may need a little inspiration when it comes to planning quick and easy meals that are packed full of nutrients. We’ve pulled together six of our favourite recipes for uni students. 


Spaghetti Bolognese

Not a true Italian dish, but the humble ‘Spag Bol’ is a mainstay on British dinner tables. It’s relatively quick and easy to make and you can easily pack in any leftover vegetables you have lying around in your fridge. Whipped up in as little as 20 minutes, Spaghetti Bolognese is great to make in bulk as meal prep or perfect for feeding your flatmates as a group. 

Try BBC Good Food’s Spaghetti Bolognese for a midweek treat. Or, for veggies, try Quorn’s version.  


Jacket Potatoes

Another super simple student staple. It may take a little longer to cook if you’re using the oven, but it only involves some quick prep then you can leave it baking whilst you continue your studies (or watch a couple of episodes of your favourite Netflix show!). 

We love this Delish recipe for creating the perfect crispy spud. 

Whilst the potato offers a hearty base, the toppings are where you can get really creative. If you’re looking to go beyond the classic beans and cheese, this article shares some inspirational ideas. 

Stir Fry 

Top of the easy student recipe pile is the stir fry. Almost infinitely versatile, stir-frying involves a quick fry over high heat with a choice of ingredients. For a meal, you’ll usually need a carbohydrate base, typically noodles or rice; at least one vegetable (the more the merrier!); and a sauce to bring it all together. 

Why not pack in your 5-a-day with Student Eat’s Vegan Stir Fry



Another versatile classic, this Mexican masterpiece can be thrown together in as little as 15 minutes. Wrapped in a tortilla, Fajita filling usually consists of onions, peppers and meat fried in Mexican spices. It’s super simple to replace the meat with another vegetable of your choice, such as chestnut mushrooms or add your favourite meat substitute. 

We love BBC GoodFood’s Chicken Fajita Recipe. Leftovers also work really well mixed into rice for a spicy Mexican lunch.  

One-pot Stew 

In winter, temperatures across the UK can drop quite significantly. During these times, Brits love to reach for warming, hearty comfort food. A firm favourite is the unpretentious classic, stew. With each region offering their own take on this dish, from the Lancashire ‘Hotpot’ to the Scottish ‘Stovies’, many of these stews make excellent student meals.  

The Co-op’s British Chicken Hotpot is a real winter warmer, or check out Tasty’s Hearty Vegetable Stew



Another comfort food classic, curry has a firm place in the heart of many Brits. From the anglicised staple, Chicken Tikka Masala, to the fiery Thai Green, there’s a curry for every palate. It also makes a delicious and nutritious meal for students. 

Try Kitchen Sanctuary’s Easy Chicken Curry recipe. You could easily swap chicken for roasted sweet potato or chickpeas for a veggie twist. 


So, there you have it, our round-up of the easiest, tastiest recipes for uni students. If you’re looking to cook up a storm, all Novel shared apartments and studios have high-spec fully fitted kitchens.

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