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10 Productivity Boosting Apps for Every Student

24 November 2022

When it comes to student life, there’s a lot going on.

Between lectures, exams, revision sessions, nights out, university society meetings, keeping fit, love life, downtime, becoming an independent adult, and maybe even a part time job – life is…well, busy.

It can be easy to drop the ball in one or more of these areas, and staying organised and productive is a real challenge. These days, however, technology isn’t just there as a distraction – it can also be part of the solution!

There’s lots of apps out there that are designed to help you to be productive and to maintain control over your packed schedule.

Here’s a list of the best productivity apps for students available at the moment.



If keeping track of time is a stumbling block for you, then check out this app.

Clockify allows you to keep tabs on how much time you’re spending on certain activities and will highlight which activities you’re wasting too much time on.

You can opt to track time automatically if you want to avoid any unnecessary distractions, and you can also take advantage of some cool features like the Pomodoro timer which separates time into intervals with integrated breaks.



When you’ve got lots of projects and assignments on at the same time, then Trello is one of the best productivity apps for students.

Separate your tasks into ‘to do’, ‘in progress’, and ‘done’. You could even separate them by drafts. Doing this breaks your tasks into manageable chunks and means that deadlines won’t sneak up on you.



One of the most time-consuming activities known to humanity is compiling bibliographies and referencing your work.

To take some of the hassle out of it, check out EasyBib. All you have to do is scan a book’s barcode and the app will create perfectly structured citations in seconds.


Another one of the best productivity apps for students is Forest.

With it, you can set a timer to keep you focused on your work while a virtual tree grows over the time period. If you exit the application before the timer is up, then your virtual tree will die.

Perhaps the best thing about this app, if you stay focused until the end of the time set, you earn coins which you can use to plant a real tree in a developing country.

As time goes on, you’ll see your forest growing and feel ever more motivated to keep going.

So do something great for your study schedule and for the planet – download Forest!


Cold Turkey

This has been billed as the toughest website blocker on the internet, and that’s because it is!

The Cold Turkey app allows you to block websites, games, and applications and turns your computer into a stubborn typewriter until you meet your day’s word count.

Until the timer has run out, you won’t be able to find a way around the blocker, in a much stricter way than with other apps.

That makes it one of the most effective and one of the best productivity apps for students in existence!



Organise all your notes in one place with Evernote

It’s a phenomenal note-taking app with many useful features such as to-do lists, photo capture, voice record, scanning facilities, and PDF. You can store web articles and even search, edit, and create notes in Siri or OK Google. 

It’s one of the most useful apps out there because it allows you to coordinate everything you need, all on the same platform.


When you’re revising for big exams and need to learn big chunks of information, this one’s for you.

Quizlet has a flashcards function to help you to break down large quantities of information. You can also benefit from expert explanations, an AI Learning Assistant, Learn mode, and Write mode.



When you’re preparing an essay and gathering research before handing in an assignment, you will need to source a plethora of sources.

With the Pocket app, you can save articles, web pages and videos for later offline reading or viewing. Not only that, you can sync files across all your devices at once.

Makes writing an article easy peasy!


Share The Board

If note-taking in lectures and seminars isn’t your strength, then this could be a really useful app for you.

Share The Board is very easy to use. You just have to take a picture of your lecture board as the tutor is writing (or perhaps after), and the photo is converted into PDF for easier reading. 

As an additional feature, you can personalise the PDF with annotations and your own notes. 

Not only is it one of the best productivity apps for students, it also reduces paper waste, which can only be a good thing for the environment.



When you want to produce a perfect assignment, with spot-on grammar and spelling, count on Grammarly

It’s a free browser extension which automatically highlights any grammar errors and spelling mistakes in the text you’re producing.

Whether it be an email to your dissertation tutor, an essay, or an all-important project in Google Docs, Grammarly has got your back.


These are just a handful of the best productivity apps for students on the market, but in reality there are many others. So download your faves, step into the dedicated study spaces at your Novel student accommodation, and get stuck into some seriously successful study sessions!

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