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Novel Student / Glasgow

Student Accommodation in Glasgow

The largest city in Scotland, Glasgow is home to a world-leading arts and entertainment scene while also boasting over 100 parks and green spaces including its own Botanic Gardens. Novel’s student accommodation is right in the heart of the city with walking distance to Glasgow’s three main universities.

Our student accommodation in Glasgow gives you the option to live in your own studio flat or share an apartment with other like-minded students. Whatever you prefer, our Bridle Works property has got something for you. We understand that student flats in Glasgow should be more than just a space to eat and sleep, so we’ve designed our residence to be perfect for socialising and making new friends, as well as to enjoy quiet time to study or just relax.

Our accommodation caters for students from all three nearby universities, so you’re bound to meet others you can connect with and get to know. And of course, our property comes complete with a range of top-class amenities for you to use throughout your tenancy with Novel Student. You won’t have to splash out on extra gym memberships, or laundry fees, making it much more affordable for student life.

With its amazing nightlife, restaurants and green spaces, Glasgow is one of the UK’s most popular cities for students. The city has an exciting and vibrant energy with a host of events happening in the local area every day of the year, from world-class football games to acclaimed whisky tours.

Choosing student accommodation in Glasgow means you get to experience the unique culture of a top European city while studying at a renowned university. No matter which uni you attend, our Novel accommodation is in a great location, with just a short journey to your lectures. But with so much more to offer than just education, Glasgow is an amazing city to explore.


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