Top 6 Reasons Why Living In Belfast Is Great For Students

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Whether you’ve accepted a university place, deciding between offers or even toying with the idea of studying in Northern Ireland’s capital, you’re probably thinking about what Belfast student life is like.

Renowned for being one of the best cities in the UK, here’s our list of the top 6 reasons why living in Belfast is great for students.


The universities

We may be starting with the obvious here, but a huge part of deciding where to study is the universities themselves.

Queen’s University is part of the prestigious, world-class Russell Group. As of 2022 it was ranked number 85 out of the top 100 universities worldwide.

Ulster University is home to all things creative. Traditionally associated with art, the Belfast campus has a huge range of courses to offer.


The craic

If you didn’t know, “craic” is an Irish term that revolves around fun and enjoyment. It generally involves great company and lively conversation.

That being said, the Northern Irish are known for their friendliness. As a result, the city is hugely welcoming.

Thousands of international students come every year not just for the universities but for the student experience the capital has to offer.




There’s so much to explore

Once you’re settled into your student accommodation and are ready to explore, there’s a huge list of must-sees through the city.

From the locations where they filmed Game of Thrones, the phenomenal botanical gardens, and the Ulster museum – you’re surrounded by culture.

The city centre itself is also only a jump away from the coast. In 2018 The Lonely Planet placed the Belfast coastline as the number one region in the world to visit.

So, with the easy access to the Giant’s causeway students benefit from both the open space and city living. Just another reason why living in Belfast is great for students.


It’s so easy to explore

Belfast has excellent transport links making it great for students. Getting to uni and around the city is easy with the option of regular bus and train routes.

It’s also compact enough that you’ll find it easy enough to walk or cycle around.

If you’re looking to do some travel in your university downtime, Belfast has excellent train, ferry and aeroplane links.

So, whether you’re looking for a short trip to the rest of Ireland, the rest of the UK or even the rest of the world, it’ll be easy enough to reach your destination.




There is always something happening

Belfast offers an eclectic mix of events, activities and cultural offerings that are perfect for students.

Day to day you can visit one of the city’s oldest attractions – St George’s Market, venture into the history of the Titanic Belfast, or visit the dome at Victoria Square for sweeping views of the city.

Big, award-winning annual events not to be missed include St Patrick’s day festivities, The Belfast International Arts Festival and the Balmoral Show.


The Cathedral Quarter

The Cathedral Quarter is an especially popular spot for students, considered the cultural heart of Northern Ireland.

It is home to historical architecture, modern art galleries and a plethora of pubs, clubs and restaurants.

Not only that, but it boasts an incredible music scene, with live music at venues throughout.


Once you’ve decided that studying in Belfast is for you, it’s time to decide where to call home while you’re here. For student accommodation that has as much to offer as the city, check out Aster house and Alma Place.

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