How to Choose your Uni Accommodation

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When preparing for university, students will face many important decisions to make. One of those decisions is where you’re going to live during your studies. In this article, we’re on hand with our top tips on how to choose your uni accommodation. So, if you’re currently weighing up your options, we hope this helps you decide where you choose to live.


Our top tips on how to choose your uni accommodation

Consider the location

Location is key when it comes to choosing your accommodation. In addition to choosing a place close to your university, you’ll also want to think about nearby facilities such as local shops, restaurants, and nightlife. Take the time to think about how you’ll get around and check out local transport links.

Top tip: although properties that aren’t in a central location often seem cheaper, when you factor in transport costs, they may end up being just as if not more expensive.


Picture your ideal set-up

Thanks to the array of accommodation available, you have some level of flexibility when it comes to your student digs. So, before you begin your accommodation search, think about your ‘ideal’ set-up and use that as a guide when making your final decision. Now is the time to think about whether or not you’d like to live alone or with fellow students, non-negotiable amenities and if you want to share a bathroom.


Keep facilities at the forefront

When you’re picturing your ideal set-up, keep facilities at the forefront. Over the years, surveys have shown that one of the most important things for students is a reliable internet connection. In fact, it’s often more important than location.

So, in addition to reliable Wi-Fi that won’t let you down during those late-night study sessions and Sunday Netflix binges, make a note of the facilities you’d like to have in your accommodation.

From a private bathroom and a high-tech kitchen to cinema rooms and communal areas, think about what you truly want from your living space.


Think about security and support

With all the excitement of starting university, security and support can often be overlooked – they shouldn’t be. Whether you’re considering student or private accommodation, researching both the safety and support available to you is essential.

From finding out about security systems to the staff who will be on hand to offer support, should you need it, your safety and wellbeing should be a key consideration.


Connect with fellow students

During the decision-making process, it will likely help you to connect with fellow students. Have a look for forums and social groups that will connect you with students going to your university so you can speak to those in the same boat as you.

If you choose student accommodation, many providers will connect you with your roommates before you move in so you can get to know each other and ease any nerves.


Stock up on home comforts

Regardless of where you choose, there’s truly no place like home. So, to help you settle into your uni accommodation, we recommend stocking up on home comforts. From photos of your friends and family to your favourite bedding and candles, the little things can make a big difference.


Questions to ask yourself before you choose your uni accommodation

  • Do I need accommodation purely for term-time or during holidays too?
  • Which facilities are essential?
  • What facilities are ‘nice to have’?
  • What is my budget?
  • Which location would I prefer?


If you’re still struggling to decide between student halls and private accommodation, we’d suggest writing out the pros and cons for each to make your decision easier. Once you’ve chosen your ideal accommodation, don’t forget to read the small print, check which bills you’ll need to pay and protect your deposit if you’ve paid one!

If you’ve decided student accommodation is best suited to you, we’ve got you covered. With design, community, and wellbeing at the heart of our accommodation, your happiness is a priority. From boutique bedrooms and exceptional amenities to dedicated workspaces and attentive customer service, you’re in good hands with us.

We’re big on socialising too! Our accommodation offers next-level communal areas, including karaoke and games rooms, dry bars, outdoor terraces, and dining spaces. Oh, we almost forgot to mention our free weekday grab and go breakfast, wellness facilities and a packed events calendar! You can find out more about our facilities here.

Wherever you end up, we wish you all the best for your time at university; you’ve got this!

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