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It’s time to start prepping! Summer is upon us and you are probably already thinking about packing up and moving to your new home for the next academic year.

But the question is, where to start. And, more importantly, what will already be in place for you at your Novel Student apartment.

Not to worry, we have provided a handy guide to help you pack smart for your move to your new Novel home.

From tech gadgets to important documentation, check out our list below to make sure you have all the essentials, whilst also making sure you’re not already packing something we will already have you covered for.



To not only prove who you are, you will need documentation to move-in to your Novel Student accommodation and for general university life:

The below are documents that you will need to provide prior to your move in day with Novel Student:

  • ID, either a passport and driving license
  • A confirmed university offer letter
  • And if you’re an international student, a copy of your VISA acceptance letter.


If you have the above already make sure you share them with a member of your Property Team, this will help us to speed up your check in process, getting you into your new apartment as quickly as possible.

Handy to have items for uni life:

  • National insurance number
  • NHS number
  • Student loan correspondence
  • Insurance documents


*Top tip, scan all your documents and save them onto a google drive so you have digital versions on your phone/laptop (to avoid keeping hold of paper versions/encouraging a paperless check in).



Kitchen Supplies:

Helping you to make your life easier, and your move in a smoother process, we can provide you with a handy kitchen pack, to be placed in your kitchen ahead of your arrival.

These include every essential item needed to equip your new kitchen, and most importantly, itsaving you the hassle of having to pack bulky items, freeing up extra space in your luggage.

Our kitchen packs cost £120, and include all of the below:

  • 8 Piece cutlery set (1)
  • Dining set including large plates (2), tumbler glasses (2) side plates (2) mugs (2) & bowls (2)
  • Tea Towels (2)
  • Knives (3)
  • Oven gloves (1)
  • Storage containers (3)
  • 6 Piece Premium Utensils– Slotted spoon, slotted turner, masher, solid spoon peeler, pizza Cutter
  • Saucepans (2) & Frying pan (1)
  • Oven tray (1)
  • Scissors (1)
  • Colander (1)
  • Can opener (1)
  • Wooden chopping board (1)


If you would like to purchase a kitchen pack please follow this link.



Filling up the cupboard with food and drink

We’ve got you covered at Novel Student with free weekday grab and go breakfast including 24/7 coffee. We will also be hosting an array of food centred welcome events including BBQ’s, cinema nights, doughnut trees and bubble tea giveaways. But for those times when you are cooking for yourself, here are a few staples that we would suggest bringing with you, or purchasing when you arrive:

  • Milk
  • Bread
  • Butter
  • Squash/juices
  • Pasta/noodles


(anything that has a longer sell by date to be honest!).



Bedroom supplies

Your brand-new student bedroom at Novel has an abundance of storage and it’s very own Hypnos mattress – with an added guarantee for a great night sleep. We also provide Novel Student bedding packs -especially handy if you are planning a later arrival or travelling from overseas.

Our bedding pack includes:

  • Fitted Sheet (1)
  • Double Duvet Cover (1)
  • Pillow Cases (2)
  • Duvet (1)
  • Pillows (2)
  • Bath Sheet (2)
  • Hand Towel (2)
  • Throwover (1)
  • Diffuser (1)


The cost of our bedding pack is just £145, If you would like to purchase a bedding pack please follow our link here.


Other items to consider bringing with you:

  • A mattress protector
  • Decorations – check out our blog here for some cool and top decoration tips
  • A Laundry basket
  • Postcards, or pictures of friends (to stick up on your peg board)
  • Supplies for you en-suite, ie shower gel, toothpaste, shampoo, hand soap, toilet cleaner, toilet roll etc.
  • Hangers
  • Hairdryer and styling tongs
  • Your clothing and shoes including comfy items to wear around you room, such as a dressing gown or slippers – whatever you like to wear!




With health and wellbeing at our core and plenty of amenity spaces to make use of, we recommend you bring some of the following:

  • Walking shoes (for our outdoor walking tours and adventure days out)
  • Gym kit – our event schedule is packed with fitness classes, and we also offer personal training at our on-site Techno equipped gym
  • Yoga kit – for our meditation and yoga classes.
  • Bring your own bike, we have secure bike storage for you, (or alternatively you can rent one of our Novel student bikes)




As well as our very own jam-packed Novel student event calendar, your universities will also be holding events. Here are some items to consider for all these fun parties:

  • Fancy dress items (always very handy)
  • Bluetooth speaker to get the party started
  • Door wedge (a great way to welome your new flat makes to come and say hello)
  • Cards and boards games (always great to play with new friends)
  • Ear plugs (if you fancy a lie in or quick nap between events)


We hope this list has given you a good idea of what you need to bring to your new Novel room.

You can find out more about what’s included in your Novel Student Room in our FAQS here or contact our lovely leasing teams – see you soon!

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