A-Level Results and Next Steps

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The big day is approaching – A-Level results day! Don’t worry we understand this day comes with a whole wave of emotions. Whether you received the results you wanted or not, there are always lots of options and there are plenty of people around to help support you at this time – you’ve got this!

So, what does results day entail? From picking up your results to monitoring clearing, we have summarised all the possibilities below which will help you to take your next steps.


What happens on A-Level Results Day?

Usually, around 8 am, UCAS receives your results directly and will update your “Track”. The Track system is where UCAS informs you about your application’s progress.

Depending on your results, your university offer will change to:

• Unconditional – your place has been confirmed
• Unsuccessful – unfortunately, you haven’t been accepted, but you are eligible for clearing
• Unconditional Changed Course (UCC) – you didn’t get the grades required, but the university has proposed a similar course based on your results



I’ve received the grades required, but haven’t heard back from my university?

Do not panic, this is extremely normal. As you can imagine, UCAS reviews thousands of results so it takes time to filter through them all. So, hold on tight and monitor your track before contacting the university directly, we have our fingers crossed that you’ll receive the grades you’re looking for!

If your grades are even better than expected, have a look into the UCAS adjustment service. You can find an alternative course or if you’re happy, you can stick with your original choice.

I didn’t get the grades I wanted, what do I do now?

We’re sorry to hear this but as we said before you have plenty of options, so keep calm and make sure you’ve checked your Track before taking the next steps. Contact the universities you applied for as they still might consider your application or offer you something similar. Alternatively have a look at clearing, this is a great option to search for similar courses based on the grades you received. If this isn’t for you then you can always speak to your school or college, who may allow you to resit your exams or you can request a review of your results. If you go down this route make sure you keep your university in the loop, as it will give you a better chance of reserving a place for next year.


Is clearing just for people who didn’t get the grades they needed?

Absolutely not, there are many reasons to choose clearing. Changed your mind on the firm choice that accepted you? Contact your preferred university via clearing. Looking to study something different, or maybe entering higher education this year is a more recent decision? Clearing is the option for you.



I didn’t get the grades I wanted and don’t want to go through clearing?

It may sound cliché, but your happiness and well-being is key. Don’t put unnecessary stress on yourself, you may not be going to university this year but that’s not to say you won’t in the future (nor that you ever need to if you don’t want to). Here are some options if you aren’t going to university this year:
• Defer your place for a year (if you don’t already hold a deferred offer) and take a gap year
• Apply for an apprenticeship
• Gain some invaluable work experience in a field of your interest

Best of luck!

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