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If you’re coming to study at University College London’s East campus and opt to live at our UCL East accommodation, you’re choosing a truly unique academic environment.

Here, interdisciplinary study and cross-disciplinary research is the order of the day, with excellent facilities such as shared labs, studios and workshops. At UCL East, you learn by doing.

Here at UCL in Stratford on the banks of the River Lea, you can get involved with innovative initiatives such as campus-wide modules on themes like sustainability and collaborative design. It’s the perfect environment to do just that, as UCL East and our uni accommodation is surrounded by parkland and waterways, a living landscape that is welcoming, accessible and open to the public.

As well as environmental projects, here at UCL East you can work with local organisations, employers, partners, schools and charities on challenges facing local communities that have the potential to impact cities around the world. Pretty amazing opportunities, and they all add an extra boost to your employability too!

Not only that, but you’ll be accompanied by up to 4,000 other students and 260 academic experts, and become part of London’s East Bank culture. That is, living in our UCL East accommodation you’ll have world class sports facilities in the shape of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, as well as entertainment and shopping venues right on your doorstep.

With excellent transport links, you can easily get out and about and explore all that London has to offer. Meanwhile, Stratford has the youngest population in London and a long legacy of cultural diversity, so at our uni accommodation you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make friends from all over the world!

An Excellent Reputation

When you opt to study and live at our UCL East accommodation, you’re choosing a life less ordinary. That’s because this university has an excellent reputation.

UCL East’s big brother, the University College London, has been named the 17th most prestigious university in the world in the World Reputation Rankings 2021. This ranking makes UCL the most prestigious university in the UK outside of Oxbridge, not to mention the best in London. The East campus is set to be just as prestigious!

The East division of University College London is set to be amongst the world’s most radical and progressive educational institutions, thanks to its international influence and emphasis on specialised knowledge, working with partner organisations and providing spaces for collaborative thinking.

UCL East is a university that transcends the boundaries of traditional academic activities, and provides students with incredible building blocks for their future careers – enterprise, innovation, sustainability and social purpose at the core.

Part of UCL’s biggest expansion for 200 years, UCL East is truly a game changer, and is unlocking the potential in the Stratford campus to be a leading centre of achievement in science, technology, creativity and enterprise.


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