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The University

The University of Kent is far and away one of the best universities in the UK.

It’s a semi-collegiate, public research university based in the leafy, picturesque countryside of Kent in the south of England.

The University has more than one campus, but the main one is located in the north of Canterbury, close to our University of Kent accommodation. Canterbury is a beautiful, ancient city bursting with English history. Just staying here while studying will add an extra, inspiring, element to your overall university experience. You won’t be short of friends when studying at this popular university, either. Every year, the University of Kent attracts over 6,000 students who come to live in uni accommodation close to the various campuses. The students are dispersed across the central campus, as well as the Medway and Tonbridge campuses.

Not only does the university centre itself in the Kent area, but there also exist specialist postgraduate centres in Paris and Brussels. So if you fancy an adventure and want to continue studying after you graduate, stick with the University of Kent!

The University offers an enormous, wide range of courses to choose from, from Accounting to Religious Studies.

Whether it be a foundation, undergraduate or postgraduate degree, there’s something for every stage of life and level. There are also study abroad and year in industry opportunities, as well as summer schools, and a generous scholarship scheme.

Add to that mix our incredible University of Kent accommodation, and you’re sure to have the time of your life at uni in Kent, enriching your academic knowledge while meeting new friends and having new life experiences.

The University of Kent also hosts over 175 clubs and societies, allowing students to be part of a wider community and make the most out of their university experience.

Here at Novel, we take your well-being seriously, so at our Kent residence we provide study zones and quiet spaces to get in some study time in an intimate, peaceful setting. We have also installed hangout areas and there’s always the option to take part in our student events and socials at our Kent Uni accommodation, so making friends will be easy!

An excellent reputation

It’s not for nothing that we choose to provide University of Kent accommodation. We’re proud to be associated with this world-class university, renowned for its outstanding research and innovation across the Arts and Humanities, Sciences, and Social Sciences disciplines. Much in the same way as us here at Novel, The University of Kent continually aims to be people-centred, always putting the well-being and success of its student population first. In this sense, it shares our ethos. Our Kent Uni accommodation also prioritises the student experience of our residents, hoping to secure them the best time at university possible.


We not only provide study spaces but also zones to meet with friends, unwind, exercise and participate in our numerous social events. We know that a happy student is a productive student, and that mindset is something that we are proud to share in common with the University of Kent.

Ultimately a university is nothing without a high level of research to keep it at the forefront of its academic expertise. The University of Kent doesn’t fall short here, either.

The Research Excellence Framework deemed that 97% of the University’s research is of international quality. That’s no mean feat, and it is one of the reasons why this world-renowned university continues to attract students from all over the globe.

To add to all of that, in 2018 The Sunday Times Good University Guide ranked Kent in 25th place in the UK. So you know that if you choose to study at the University of Kent you’re almost guaranteed to finish your degree with flying colours and jump into a professional career in your chosen field.

To ensure that you make the most out of your time studying at this award-winning university, we’ve chosen to provide our residents with the best study spaces possible in our University of Kent accommodation.

We hope our Kent Uni accommodation study rooms and hangout zones are conducive to study and research.

You too can be part of world-changing, inspirational research alongside the cream of the crop of the best British and international researchers linked to the University of Kent.

So, if you’re looking to kick start your studies and set off with momentum on your future career path, don’t doubt when choosing this amazing academic institution and University of Kent accommodation at Novel.


383th in the QS world rankings
250 Courses
29mins walk to nearest Novel
6,000 Number of full time students enrolled at the University

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