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​​Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) is a public university located close to our uni accommodation in the picturesque, quintessentially English and historic city of Canterbury, Kent.

This renowned university has an interesting history. It was originally founded as a Church of England college in 1962 and was used for teacher training for many years. Just after the turn of the new millennium, in 2005, it was given a new lease of life, repurposed and granted full university status.

These days the CCCU, set just a stone’s throw away from our Canterbury Christ Church University accommodation, is the largest UK provider of education, training and skills to the public services.

The CCCU has five facilities reaching across Kent to Medway, and there’s plenty of variety when it comes to courses. From Accounting and Finance, to Software Engineering, and Commercial Music, CCCU offers an array of courses in the Arts and Humanities, Applied and Social Sciences, (including Business) and Health.

Our Canterbury Christ Church University Accommodation provides a convenient and stylish base for CCCU students during their time learning at this world-renowned institution. And with such a complete array of subjects to choose from, there’s something for every profession, career, or interest.

An impressive 18,000 students flock to CCCU from 100 different countries every year, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge, differing cultural backgrounds and new perspectives. Our Canterbury Christ Church University accommodation hosts many of these international students.

That means when you stay with us at our residence, there’ll never be a dull moment. You’ll always be able to make new friends and discover new cultures.

We recommend that you make the most of any free time you have to go exploring the beautiful and historic city of Kent with your fellow residents. It all adds an extra element of fun to your student experience at our Canterbury Christ Church accommodation!

An excellent reputation

CCCU continues to grow with each year that passes, not only in terms of the number of students and good reputation, but also in terms of the financial investment being made in the University’s facilities.

If you choose to study at the CCCU, you’ll benefit from a series of multi-million-pound developments just a short journey away from our smashing uni accommodation.

One of the biggest investments was made recently, when in January 2021, the CCCU opened the Verena Holmes Building, which is an incredible £65 million leading STEM centre with innovative facilities. This faculty building holds a creative arts hub, offering collaborative spaces and an industry-leading learning experience.

The financial investments being made in these facilities only serve to reinforce the University’s sterling reputation, and make it increasingly attractive to prospective and returning students. They also serve to boost the already considerable reputation of this academic institution.

In terms of reputation, CCCU is amongst the best of the best large UK universities and has been ranked in the top 20 for graduates securing a job post-graduation.

Statistically, it’s been demonstrated that nearly two-thirds of CCCU graduates are in highly skilled graduate-level employment just 15 months after completing their studies. That means that if you choose to study at CCCU, you’re almost guaranteed to go on to a successful, fulfilling career in your chosen field.

Here at Novel we always strive to ensure that you get the most out of your student experience in every way. We equip you with several private and group study spaces, as well as hangout zones to give you a place to take revision breaks and unwind after studying. That’s just one of the reasons why our Canterbury Christ Church accommodation makes the perfect base from which to study at this amazing university before going on to a successful graduate life.


1200 QS world rankings
450 Courses
11mins walk to nearest Novel
20,000 Number of full time students enrolled at the University

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